Photo of a paper robot

Thanks to everyone who backed this on Kickstarter. The campaign is now over but you can pre-order below for shipping in December

One paper robot and one Fizzbit, choose Orange or Blue

Three paper robots, Gunpei, Alastair and Jerry, and three Fizzbits

Reusable, Recyclable, No Plastic, No Batteries

The Crafty Robot is a fun and accessible moving paper robot. Crafty charges from USB in 30s so needs no batteries ever. Crafty is powered by the Fizzbit, a reusable module that can bring movement to any robot creation however you want to make it.

Once you have your Crafty Robot you can print out any of these designs at home and user Crafty's motor, the Fizzbit to make them move. Better still design your own robot, either from scratch or with this blank template.

Templates to download

BBC Tech Battle

Photo or paper Rory C-J and Spencer Kelly

Bake Off Finalists

Photo paper Bake off Finalists surrounded by baking stuff

Minifig Dodgems

Photo of two lego men in paper bumper cars

Kinder Eggbot

Photo of a character made from a plastic egg

Other Free Paper Toys

Just Knights

Generic placeholder image

More Vines

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